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With the increase of the advertising market demand, the overall level of Ji'nan advertising brand is becoming more and more important, advertising industry development requirements for advertising production to the high-tech, scale oriented development。 Followed by the advertising company boss advertising requirements are also increasingly high。 A lot of advertising materials company focused on advertising research and development and production, light box cloth has become the new darling of Ji'nan billboard production materials。

济南广告牌  http://www.gift4yu.com 制作材料包括:现在所用的灯箱底材——柔性灯箱布,在国内市场上有欧特龙、3M、可丽布、桑太克布、韩国灯箱布等,主要原料是经纬线聚氯乙稀面层,适宜于各种用途的户外灯箱制作。它的各项指标有所差异,价格也不一样,在选用时要把握具体功能并充分考虑各项指标的适用性。例如:用于热成型的PC材料,适合于做户外灯箱,耐冲击、耐高温强、是高档灯箱的必备材料。槽型字材料是美国进口的专用铝侧板,15种颜色,3种规格,适用做各种字体,可内置光源,另外,夜间发光材料,如荧光膏、冷光膜,也已在市场上开始使用。

Jinan billboard production materials include: now the box bottom material, soft light boxes cloth, in the domestic market has ultralon, 3M, Libu, mulberry Taike cloth, South Korea light boxes cloth, the main raw material is latitude and longitude lines of poly (vinyl chloride surface layer, and is suitable for in the production of various uses of outdoor light boxes。 Its various indicators vary, the price is also different, in the selection of the specific function and take full consideration of the applicability of the indicators. For example: PC for thermal molding, suitable for outdoor light box, impact, high temperature, is the essential material of high-grade light box. Groove word material is imported from the United States special aluminum side plates, 15 kinds of color, 3 kinds of specifications for a variety of fonts, the built-in light source。 In addition, the night luminescent materials, such as fluorescence paste, Leng Guangmo, also has in the market began to use。


The lamp box cloth is a composed of two layers of PVC and a layer of high strength of mesh cloth light box signs fabric, both fall within the ambit of the Polish and polishing. The main production methods of blade coating, calendering, paste the legitimate (Rong Rongfa). Light box cloth advantages are: thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light resistance, flame retardancy, peel strength, smoothness, such as that used for the printing and ink, color reducibility。 It is because light box cloth has so many advantages, it is a good advertising material for outdoor billboard production。


The lamp box cloth is produced mostly scrolling light box, which is used to a surface mosaic products. Generally speaking, light box cloth according to the production process and points for calendering light boxes cloth and legitimate light boxes cloth.


Calendering is PVC powder and liquid increase plastic agent, such as a variety of raw materials stir, by high temperature and pressure, and substrate bonded a whole. Its characteristic is that the surface has good smoothness, and uniform transmission, lighting, light cloth comparative advantage. But the limitations of the equipment, the width is not more than 3 m。


The legitimate light box cloth is the upper and lower two layer PVC film, through heating, in the heat roller pressure and the middle of the guide optical fiber mesh fitting together, cooling molding. The characteristics of this process is the most excellent printing ink and strong color performance. Therefore, with the rise of large-scale printing industry, but also to the banner brought infinite vitality. At present, the market share of such light boxes in China has exceeded fifty percent。


Because different types of machine nozzle principle is different。 So that the selection of ink is different, if you choose the wrong ink spray head injury will be inevitable, the motherboard is the brain of inkjet printer, ink printer blood. Therefore, in order to understand the inkjet ink, select the appropriate ink for your printer, can get out of the misunderstanding of ink.

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